MBT-004 Strap Banding Tool

MBT-004 Strap Banding Tool

Ratchet type tool MBT-004 is a way of binding stainless steel banding around different elements securely. 

This strap banding tool keeps the tension tight on the strapping bands as they fasten the components together. The ratchet style heavy duty forged steel banding tool. This kind of fiber optic cable fittings are used with up to 25mm width and 1.15mm thickness stainless steel banding. The ratchet type tool is made of galvanized steel, which is resistant to impacts and wear.

As one of the professional fiber optic accessories suppliers, TUOLIMA can customize the optical cable fittings according to your requirements.

strap banding tool
strap banding tool
strap banding tool
strap banding tool

Details of MBT-004 Strap Banding Tool

  • Use for fixing stainless steel strap on poles;

  • Made of metal material.

Specification of MBT-004 Strap Banding Tool


Band size

Banding thickness

Net Weight






Stainless steel

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