How to use HC tension cable clamp?

Author: Jennifer

Time: 2022/3/15

Fiber Optic Cable Clamp is used together with the fiber optical cable, such as the drop cable and outdoor cable. HC tension cable clamp, one type of fiber optic cable fitting, is used commonly with ADSS cable and it is very cost-effective. Some of our customers might  not know clearly about the usage procedure of HC tension cable clamp, the following will give you more directions:


Step 1: Remove the neoprene sleeves; unwind the cable in the J-cradles; tension the cable between the end posts;


Step 2: Lift the cable to remove it from the J-cradles. Place the neoprene sleeve around the cable at the J to protect it from premature wear due to friction in the J or to vibrations of wind power;


Step 3: Replace the cable and the sleeve in the J-cradle;


Step 4: Replace the head of the screw at the back of the cradle and tighten the nut using a 13mm socket wrench until the two levers of the sleeve are in contact.


After following the above 4 steps, now you could use the HC tension cable clamp very well!

How To Use The HC Tension Cable Clamp