What Are the Uses of Fiber Optic Terminal Boxes?

What is a fiber optic terminal box?

The fiber optic terminal box is the terminal connector of an optical cable, one end is an optical cable, and the other end is a pigtail, which is equivalent to a device that splits an optical cable into a single optical fiber. 

The function of the optical cable ofc termination box is to provide optical fiber and optical fiber fusion, fiber optic cable and pigtail fusion, and optical connector handover, and provide mechanical protection and environmental protection for the optical fiber and its components so that it can maintain the highest standard of optical fiber management.

What are the uses of the fiber optic terminal box?

1. The transfer box can be divided into the optical cable transfer box and the cable transfer box, both of which are used for the front-end wiring of the user.

2. The connection box generally refers to the optical cable connection box, also called the optical cable joint box. In some places, especially the radio and television system, it is also called the optical connection package. Its function is to protect the optical cable joint from external damage. The distribution frame is also divided into the optical cable distribution frame and the cable distribution frame, and the function is also the same as the transfer box, but it is used in the operator's computer room.

The fiber optic terminal box shall have 4 basic functions as the terminal equipment of the optical cable line.

① After the fixed functional optical cable enters the rack, its outer sheath and reinforcing core shall be mechanically fixed, ground wire protection parts shall be installed, end protection shall be carried out, and the optical fibers shall be grouped and protected.

②After the optical fiber drawn from the fusion splicing fiber optic cable is fused with the tail cable, the excess optical fiber is coiled and stored, and the fusion splice is protected.

③Assembling function: Plug the connector attached to the tail cable to the adapter, and realize the optical connection with the optical connector on the other side of the adapter.

④The storage function provides storage for various cross-connected optical cables between racks so that they can be placed in a regular and orderly manner.

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