What are the main advantages of Tuolima’s optical receiver?

Author: C

Time: 2022/8/5

The newly launched optical receiver series-TLMOR21039 is exclusively designed by Tuolima and has advantages as follows:



1. Reliable protection from static electricity:

Now there are a lot of various types of electrical equipment at home but without protective ground. There is a high probability of damage to the devise due to the ignition between the virtual voltage and the voltage difference. Our receiver has multiple protection circuits, which will not damage the devise no matter what the environment is.

2.  Long service life:

In addition to the careful selection of circuits and devices, the heat dissipation space of the structure of the external power adapter will affect the service life. In particular, the aging of high-frequency electrolytic capacitors is directly proportional to the use time. Conventional electrolytic capacitor in the adapter is 1K hour but we choose 5K hour, because we know that the optical machine is plugged in for a long time (365*24*years), and high efficiency can ensure its long service life.