Solutions for the Application of Fiber Termination Boxes

Rack-mounted fiber distribution frames have a centralized location to manage fiber network connections, which will minimize system downtime and speed up maintenance. Optical fiber distribution frame, also known as an optical fiber distribution box or fiber termination box, provides the function of organizing optical cable as well as optical cable terminal access point and physical security while maintaining the appropriate bending radius of the internal cable. Terminal boxes protect high-speed networks with excellent organization and protection.

Ⅰ. Affordable fiber optic terminal box solutions

Our pre-installed terminal box is a very affordable option for organizing fiber-optic networks. These loaded fiber optic terminal boxes are available in single-mode and multi-mode options and are choosable in 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 96 and 144-core distribution frames, as well as a selection of LC, SC and ST connector types.

In addition, each of our bundles comes with a matching pre-terminated optical fiber pigtail and adapter plate. Using these pre-terminated fiber optic terminal boxes simplifies network installation and reduces maintenance time at a low cost!

Ⅱ. Distribution frame styles of fiber optic terminal box

We offer three distribution frame styles to improve wiring organization: rotary, pull-out and stationary.

Our distribution frame is designed with an easily accessible main panel for quick fiber terminating and splicing. The external panel also supports joint tray and optical cable storage. The pull-out distribution frame has taken fast and easy terminating into consideration. The rack-mount features a smooth sliding drawer system that provides easy access and fiber optic storage space.

The last type is the fixed cabinet. This type of fiber optic cabinet is the more affordable option for easy trading at a lower price, and it can connect directly to the server rack itself. It is important to choose the right cabinet style to meet network requirements.

Another option is the high-density fiber distribution frame, such as the MPO distribution frame in date centers. These are ideal solutions for staying organized during network expansion or when there are space constraints. The high-density distribution frame is designed to improve the operation of patching and splicing in a single unit, which can accommodate a large number of splices.

TUOLIMA as the fiber optic products supplier not only has diversified production capacity but also has a complete supply chain system. Our company has more than 20 production lines, mainly producing FTTH passive box, FTTH termination box, fiber-optic cable, CATV equipment, cable clip and so on.

With our mature supply chain system, we can provide customers with one-stop procurement services. Our goal is to provide customers with maximum convenience and the best service! Please feel free to consult us at any time.

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