Is It Really Necessary to Install Fiber Optic Distribution Boxes at Home?

Nowadays, optical fiber distribution boxes have been popularized to thousands of households. Using optical fiber to access the Internet has many advantages, such as high transmission rate, low loss, low bit error rate and so on.

1. Fiber optic distribution boxes are popular

In modern families, there are more and more electric cables, such as telephone lines, cable TV lines, broadband network lines, audio lines, anti-theft alarm signal lines, etc. Different cables have different requirements for wiring. The traditional home wiring method is because Problems such as irregular construction and inconvenient use can no longer meet the needs of current home decoration and cannot meet the requirements of future "home life".

It is understood that fiber optic distribution boxes are often used in projects such as home wiring, home LAN, and intelligent home appliances, and are increasingly favored by home improvement owners.

2. The advantages of optical fiber distribution box

The current network has entered every family, but in order to use the network, another product is needed, the household optical fiber distribution box. The household optical fiber distribution box is a square box. Its appearance is basically white. This is because of the plastic spraying. Externally, let's talk about internally, it can provide weak current information wiring for termination, aggregation, wiring and power supply for equipment, and can be installed outdoors and indoors.

The optical fiber distribution box is characterized by an additional photoelectric converter, which converts the optical signal of the optical fiber into the electrical signal of the network cable. An optical fiber can separate broadband, telephone, cable TV, etc.

Ordinary home decoration, many do not consider the distribution of optical fiber lines, network cables, and cable TV lines, and the performance of optical fiber distribution boxes refers to the entry of optical fibers into the junction point, and weak current modules can be placed inside, such as telephone lines, TVs, etc. Lines, as well as optical fiber lines for Internet access, or telephone lines, routers, switches and other modules can come in from here, and then distributed to each room.

In this way, the wiring layout in the home can be neatly arranged and the safety is high. At the same time, it can protect the optical fiber. Everyone knows that the optical fiber is thinner than a hair, and it is not easy to connect if it is broken. Because the optical fiber is made of glass fiber, it will cost a certain amount of money to ask a repairman to come.

The optical fiber distribution box is designed for the fiber-to-the-home community. There are optical fiber trays for fixing optical fibers, optical modem (ONU) installation racks required for Internet access, and power sockets for optical modems. This solves many problems of users, such as the power supply and placement of optical modems.