Installation Methods and Functions of the Fiber Optic Terminal Box

Now we can see advertisements about fiber optic upgrades on TV and on the Internet. The three major operators are also working hard on fiber optic upgrades, striving to give users the best network experience. Optical fibers are optical fibers, which are generally made of two materials, glass or plastic. These two materials are used because both glass and plastic can reflect light, and the fast transmission rate of optical fiber is also because of light reflection. So, what are the installation methods of the fiber optic terminal box? What function does it have?

1. Installation methods of the fiber optic terminal box

One end of the fiber optic terminal box receives the optical fiber, and the other end is the output end, but this is the end of the entire length of optical fiber, which is called a pigtail. The pigtail is convenient for the staff to repair and make additional compensation for the optical fiber. Please note that here is the meaning of supplementary length. Take the home network as an example. When many people use the network, the optical fiber will be damaged for some reasons, such as damage to the optical fiber or the relocation of electronic equipment. The original optical fiber can no longer meet the needs of users, and it is necessary to replace the optical fiber or supplement the length.

Fiber Optic Terminal Box

To install the fiber termination box, first, connect the pigtail to the router. Because this is the place where the network signal is output, then open the router's settings page on the computer and set the password to complete the opening of the wireless network. For other electronic devices, you only need to connect to the wireless network to go online.

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2. Functions of the fiber optic terminal box

As for the function of the fiber optical terminal box, it can be seen from the installation method that it is the termination part of the optical fiber conduction and is used to receive optical fiber signals. Therefore, it can fix the optical fiber, prevent the optical fiber from shaking at will, and also protect the optical fiber. It is very safe to store the optical fiber in the box, and it is convenient to add the length at any time.

Therefore, when installing the fiber termination box, pay attention to the fiber input and output ends of the terminal box. Its function is also obvious, that is, to protect and fix the optical fiber.

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