How to Use Fiber Optic Fast Connector?

Author: Annie

Time: 2022/1/12

The assembly method of fiber optic fast connection:

  1. Take out the tail sleeve and put it into optical cable

  2. Strip the outer sheath of the optical cable and keep the covering layer (the length is 50mm)

  3. Use fiber optic stripper strip the fiber coating

  4. Remove impurities with alcohol

  5. Cut fiber optical

  6. The optical fiber penetrates from the tail of the fiber fast connector, causing the optical fiber to bend

  7. Using an optical fiber end cap clamping

  8. Move the switch up to the top

  9. Put on the shell cover protective sleeve of the fibre-fast connector, the assembly is complete

Notice: please assure the fiber quick connector and fiber are clean during these procedures.

Graphic of fiber optic fast connection

How To Use Fiber Optic Fast Connector--CNTUOLIMA

Video of fiber optic fast connection