How to Connect the Fiber Optic Distribution Box?

Home broadband has generally realized fiber-optic home access. After fiber-optic home access, how to pre-embed network cables, network cable selection, and network device connections, etc., will be discussed in detail below.

1. Selection of network aggregation point of optical fiber distribution box

The home optical fiber distribution box is generally located in the weak current box of the home. The weak wire has a small space, which is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the equipment, and it is made of metal material, which is not suitable for placing a wireless router. The weak optical fiber distribution box can only place the optical modem. It is recommended to choose the aggregation node of the home network in the living room.

2. Deployment of fiber optic distribution box network cable

The deployment of a home network needs to consider both broadband Internet access and IPTV wiring systems.

Pull at least two network cables from the weak fiber distribution box to the living room, one of which is used to connect to the wireless router, and the other is used to connect to the IPTV box.

It is also necessary to pull two network cables from other rooms to the living room, one is used to connect to the network equipment in the room, and the other is spare or connected to the IPTV in the room.

3. Selection of fiber optic distribution box network cable

At present, Category 5e network cables and Category 6 network cables are commonly used, both of which can meet the needs of gigabit network speeds. If it is a new home decoration, it is recommended to choose a better-performing Category 6 network cable. The network performance parameters are far better than those of Category 5e network cables.

Category 5e network cables and Category 6 network cables must comply with oxygen-free copper and 24AWG (category 5e) and 23AWG (category 6) standards. Do not choose copper-clad aluminum network cables. In appearance, the Category 6 wire skin has the logo of "CAT.6", and there is a "cross skeleton" dividing line pair.

4. How to conceal the optical fiber distribution box for home decoration?

Today's society is inseparable from the Internet. Home decoration must consider installing a weak current box, and pre-buried the optical fiber cable from home to the outside, and the data cable connected to the computer indoors. So, how to install a fiber optic distribution box at home?

①Use an electric hammer to open the installation hole of the weak current box according to the size.

② Mix the cement sand ash, put the cement sand ash on the weak current box, bury the box body in the wall, and level the box with a level.

③Use the threading tube to pass the fiber optic cable to the outside of the door, and pre-buried a computer cable in each room as needed. There is also a computer cable for the socket at the TV in the living room.

④Precautions: A computer cable interface must be placed in each room to the weak current box.

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