Application Range and Function of Fiber Distribution Box!

The Scope of Application of Fiber Distribution Box

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In 2002, the country began to implement the policy of separating strong and weak electricity, and thus the multimedia information box came into being.It is mainly used for unified management and distribution of household weak electricity signals, including network, telephone, TV, security and other weak electricity wiring.Avoid the interference of weak electric signal by strong electric, improve the quality of family life.

Fiber distribution boxes began to appear in China in 2002, and some domestic enterprises began to produce them, and they began to be used on a large scale in 2007.Markets all over the country have begun to imitate the use of weak current boxes, so weak current boxes have been adopted by real estate developers on a large scale.

The Specific Role of the Fiber Distribution Box

1. The main function of the fiber distribution box is to centralize and manage all the weak currents in each room.It contains different modules, such as a cable TV splitter, which can branch a cable TV line into four or five lines and distribute them to different rooms.without affecting its transmission performance.

2. The fiber distribution box can realize home office automation, entertainment automation, security automation, and management automation

Home office automation: telephone/fax/videophone/broadband network access, connecting computers in different places indoors with outdoor broadband network signals to achieve simultaneous Internet access in different places, and at the same time, multiple computers in the family can be networked to form a home local area network to realize Network resource sharing.The telephone lines in each room can be managed online in a unified plan, and multiple calls can be answered and transferred at will.

Home entertainment automation: cable TV/video on demand/multi-party interactive games/online shopping/distance teaching/satellite TV, you can watch DVD, VCD, satellite TV, decoder programs, movies, and enjoy background music in different rooms at the same time .

Home security automation: anti-theft alarm/fire/gas leak alarm/emergency button/remote monitoring/video intercom doorbell/closed-circuit monitoring/one card, such as fire at home, robbers breaking in, sudden illness of family members, etc., can be obtained from the community security center contact channel.

Home management automation: remote control of lighting and household appliances/remote copying of water, electricity and gas meters/electronic bulletin, clear at a glance, safe and reliable, easy to maintain, and upgrade without asking for help.